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HR911 - Employee Reward

Contents Overview Introduction to Employee Rewards Reward Management: Theory and Legal Motivation and Variable Pay Foundations of Pay: Fairness and Equity Skills, Responsibilities and Job Analysis Assessment Questions Essay 1

16363 Eng Analysis Assignment 1


Modelled using DesignModeller Modelled as a 3D solid model with material Aluminium Alloy Default mesh generated by Workbench 17.1 Defined boundary conditions: fixed support and 50 MPa outwards pressure



Log Rules $$ e^{\ln{(A)}} = A $$ $$ B \ln{(A)} = \ln{(A^B)} $$ $$ \ln{(AB)} = \ln{(A)} + \ln{(B)} $$ $$ \ln{( \frac{A}{B})} = \ln{(A)} - \ln{(B)} $$ Indices Rules $$ A^