16361 Dynamics

 Dynamics, Mechanics

Kinematics of a generalised rigid body moving in two dimesions Case 1: System \( pxy \) is stationary in relation to system \( OXY \) and point \( p \) coincides with point \( O \) $$ \bar{V}

Mohr's Circle


From the stress transformations, an equation in the form of a circle can be derived as follows: $$ [\sigma _ \theta - \frac{\sigma _x + \sigma _y}{2}]^2 + \tau _ \theta ^2

Two Dimensional Stress Analysis


Uniaxial Stress A solid beam under tensile stress will eventually fracture due to a shearing effect in an internal plane. Here, \( \sigma _x \) is the tensile stress acting in the

Shear Stress in Beams


To calculate the shear stress in the beam at point \( P \), given that the beam is subject to a resultant internal vertical shear force of \( V = 3 kN \). The second