Physics, Acoustic

Fundamental Attributes $$ c = \lambda f $$ $$ f = \frac{1}{T} $$ $$ \omega = 2 \pi f $$ $$ k = \frac{2 \pi}{ \lambda} $$ Where \( c \) is the speed of sound in the medium, \( \lambda \) is

Induction Machines

 Electronics, Physics

An induction motor consists of an external stator and an internal rotor. Windings embedded in the stator is excited by a 3-phase AC supply to produce a rotating magnetic field.

Phasors and Impedance

 Electronics, Physics

Phasor Representation Parameters in AC systems have three variable factors as described in the general form: $$ v(t) = \hat V \sin (\omega t) $$ Since the frequency in a system is

AC Systems

 Electronics, Physics

Properties of a Sinusoid General Form $$ v(t) = \hat{V} \sin ( \omega t + \phi ) $$ Where \( \hat{V} \) is the amplitude, \( \omega \) is the angular frequency, \( \phi \) is the phase. Period