The boy sang out his heart, his face filled with awe and joy. He and the girl he loved sailed out to the shining galaxy, but was he happy because of the brilliant galaxy around him, or because of the girl he was with?

      The young boy stood facing the ocean. The fire of his determination was relit by the dream he’d just had. Glowing under the moonlight, a gust of wind scraped the surface of the ocean. The boy stood still, and resisted the suppressing force of nature. He was a fisherman, a fisherman who dreamt of sailing in the sky and among the glittering stars of the galaxy beyond.

      There was only one ship on the planet that could sail above sky and it belonged to the king. One day, the king issued a proclamation:

      “Whoever defeats the Emperor of the North and brings me his poisonous blood will have any wish granted.” The king announced to his kingdom.

      Everyone around the boy encouraged him.

      “Take the chance!” the girl he loved told him, “You’ve been dreaming of this all your life!”

      The young boy resolved to defeat the Emperor so he could have the king’s galactic ship and sail out to the galaxy. He took up his sword and began training by slaying all the demons that cluttered the kingdom. Soon, the young boy became known as the Exorcist. Everyday, the young boy travelled throughout the countryside, training for the day he would seize his dream and defeat the Emperor of the North.

      As the boy travelled, he heard stories about the Emperor. Wherever he went, people told him that as strong as he was, it was impossible to defeat the Emperor. When the boy heard the rumours of the Emperor’s immortality and his involvement in witchcraft, the boy faltered.

      “If you really want something, you can’t falter!” the girl he loved encouraged him. The Emperor lived alone on a small island. But the seas around it were filled with treacherous currents and a storm had rendered the area extremely dangerous.

      After much encouragement, the young boy once again resolved to defeat the Emperor. With his life on the line, the boy finally set off. The girl he loved patiently waited at the seaside for his return.

      As he reached the northern seas, his little fishing boat could not handle any more of the harsh winds and waves. The boat shattered in the destructive forces of the ocean. The young boy, still filled with determination, grabbed his sword and swam towards the island.

      On a wild and stormy night, the young boy, drenched with the ocean’s icy water, stood facing the Emperor. He charged. In an indescribable battle, the young boy known as the Exorcist defeated the Emperor. The poisonous blood of the Emperor sparkled in its bottle, and the storm around the island cleared and the sea calmed.

      The young boy took the blood of the Emperor to the king.

      “My king! I have defeated the Emperor of the North; I present to you his poisonous blood”

      The king took the bottle and immediately drank its contents.

      “Thank you, young warrior. Now I can rest in peace forever.” The poison of the Emperor’s blood removed the king’s magical immortality and ended his eternal life. “You shall have my kingdom and my throne. All that is in my kingdom is now yours.”

      But the young boy refused it.

      “My king, all I ask of you is your galactic ship so that I could sail to the shining galaxy above. I have no desire for your kingdom nor your riches.”

      “Very well, I will not break my word. You shall have my galactic ship. But heed well these words. To start the engines of the ship, you must feed it every last drop of your beloved girl’s blood. Yes, you must kill the girl you love or the ship will not move. Now, it is yours.” And the king died.

      The young boy killed the girl, and sacrificed her red blood to the ship’s engine. For he had realised that what he wanted was not to sail with the girl, but to the galaxy that he would sail in. The girl had been nothing more than a flower adorning his journey to the shining galaxy he’d dreamt of since he was a child.

      The young boy stood in his ship filled with the blood of the girl he loved. He faced the sky and the galaxy that he would sail in. The ship’s magical engine started to move and the boy was launched into the galaxy.

      Soon, the boy realised. Although he was in the galaxy he’d dreamt of, every planet he could see was just like the little planet he came from. All those worlds were no different from his own. The galaxy was not some far off world; he had been living in its brilliance all along.

      For what, then, did he kill the girl?